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Desarrollamos aplicaciones multiplataforma Android & iOS, páginas web a medida, diseños a medida en WordPress, gestores documentales, páginas de gestión. También realizamos Social Media en todas las redes sociales, así como analítica de datos con Google Analytics y Firebase.
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Logo Android gris

What do we do?

we feel passionate about our work what we do and we are continuously renewing ourselves to offer the best services with the latest technology:
Hacemos Apps de Android & iOS

Android & iOS App Development

We create Apps in a native way so that the user experience is unique in each platform, making the interface design friendly and attractive for any user. we apply the latest technology to build apps that use:

  • Sensors
  • Personalization
  • Storage
  • Databases
  • Connection to servers.
  • Positioning and maps.
  • Notifications in real time.
  • Integration of social networks to Log In.
  • In App messaging with advanced encryption.
Hacemos páginas web a medida. Wordpress, a medida

Web Development

We make customized web pages using the system that best suits your project, being responsive so that it adapts to mobile devices. Among the things we do, we highlight:

  • Custom designs from scratch.
  • Custom designs in WordPress.
  • Integration and modifications of any type of template in WordPress.
  • Development of custom document managers, in WordPress and Drupal.
  • Management web pages made to measure.
  • Custom made layouts, both native and using SASS.
Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Social Media

We also manage Social Networks, blogs and online stores, all with quality texts for a great search engine positioning.

  • Continuous publications in social networks.
  • Publication of news on web pages or blogs.
Google Analytics, Firebase

Data analytics

If you want to know the behavior of users using an App or web page, we offer you:

  • Integration of Google Firebase to know the number of users who use the App, their behavior as well as sales advertising analytics within the App, to know the total profits.
  • Integration of Google Analytics to know the behavior of the website, which sections are most visited, the total time in each and endless possibilities.
  • We perform SEO so that your website is positioned in the search engines in the first positions.

About us

A team that is passionate about our work and in each of the projects we do put the same enthusiasm and effort so that the best possible result comes out.

We are from Badajoz (Spain). We have extensive experience developing mobile apps and websites for several years. We carry out our own personal projects and combine it with projects for national and international companies. With our own projects we already have more than 4.3 million downloads in 180 countries.


We have also participated in competitions, such as Hackathon del Periódico El Mundo, held in 2014 in Madrid, being in third place of 87 teams.


Undoubtedly we have one thing clear: WE LOVE OUR JOB. What started as a hobby ended up becoming work, and every project we do we put as much dedication as if it were our own and we want the best possible result.

“Dream, believe and make it true”

Who is the CEO?

CEO de Barragan Software

Rafael Barragán

Born in Badajoz. He studied Technician in Information Technology, Technical Engineering of Computer Science at University of Extremadura and also a degree in Computer Engineering at the European University of Madrid.


As a complementary studies he took courses in Android programming by the University Camilo José Cela, Google as “Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals”, and marketings courses and social networks.


In his spare time he has learned graphic and audiovisual design, computer security as point-to-point encryption with symmetric and asymmetric key, in addition to the management of the three operating systems: Windows, Linux and Mac.


Living a season in San Francisco (California) to learn about the technological world of Silicon Valley and also attending conferences such as the Mobile World Congress in San Francisco.

Are you an entrepreneur?

If you have an idea but do not have money to develop it, contact us. We will evaluate your project and if we like it, we can reach an agreement to develop it at no cost to you.

Some of our customers

Our latest projects

Logo App PosCar

Where is my car?

Logo Sports4App

Find people to practice your sport in your city.

Logo MyWedly

Social network for weddings

Logo Onda Cero Carnaval de Badajoz
Onda Cero – Carnaval de Badajoz

All the information about the Carnival of Badajoz of National Tourist Interest.

Contact us

Give shape to your project

If you wish, give us your project so that you can receive a budget that fits with it, or leave us your phone or email and we will get in touch as soon as possible.


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